Blackcrowned - For Honor Lyrics

 Will crimson turn with blood by night
The fields that early-dew has purified
The song of battle horn is spreading far
And makes the foes flash creep
We'll fight
Fixed on the horde are the eyes
Blinded by mist of revenge
With sunrise
With the virgin sun-beam
Our ancient war-call will revive
We'll survive
In pale moonlight I remembered my days
And listened hard to winds in leafage at night
Talking to Gods
Who were looking forward to break of the dawn

Here comes the first ray
Reflected in armors and chain
Rune inscribed by my hand
To heaven of heaven flies

Quenching thirst of their blades
To Valhalla fighting through it waits
Men of honor last and great
They stood up to their fate

Revived by the battle is fading the light
The sward will cut off your war-call from night
You did know you will be killed
And fall victim it fate
Yet never turned back from your from way of might

The beam's on thy snow white wings
You've come before I've sunk in oblivion
Epistle of heaven you're
In mist of great sorrow

Jaws of the beast have been stained with your blood
Blades had been singing in swallowing fight
Into weeping of wolves the groaning will slowly change
Fires will be made to honor Revenge

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