Babbie Mason - God Will Open The Windows Of Heaven Lyrics

God will open,
open up the windows of heaven
and pour you out a blessing.

God will open - open up the windows of heaven
and pour you out a blessing - and you will not have the room;
not because of you - but because He’s good,
you will not have the room to receive it.

Verse 1:
Listen, let me tell you about the God I serve,
how He keeps on blessing me - He’ll still be worthy of all my praise
if He didn’t do another thing.
He woke me up and He started me along the way,
while the blood is still running warm in my veins,
in the land of the living for one more day,
He’s really been good to me - I believe that God will …


Verse 2:
Now if you don’t believe you’ve really been blessed - take another look and see - He put clothes on your back - and food on your table
and supplied every one of your needs - So tell Him thank you
for the things that you don’t have yet - thank God for what you have
and what you have left - I know that you will find You’ve really been blessed.
Oh, God has been good to you - do you believe that God will open …

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