Attack In Black - Take Back Compassion Lyrics

Are we losing sight of a reason to fight?
Are our sisters still walking the streets late at night?
With that fear in their eyes that can't be disquised
Is it the voice of reason or sexual treason
Our ways have been divided now pleas show me the meaning
For turning our backs on this obvious wrong
Let's take back our song, cause its gone on too long

Are we happy with ourselves?
We're buying everything it sells
Have we lost all that is pure?
Let this song project a cure

Let these buried words of our brothers corupt
Leave the ashes of love and our sexes
In life and death, we love and respect
Our joy is found in the depths of our hearts
Where compassion and union are far from appart
And I won't let it change if we're not the same

We're still falling from the days of division

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